Laboratory supplies

Wide range of quality products from reliable manufacturers and partners.


Highlights from our
selection of products:

Reagents and kits for DNA, RNA and protein purification
Pipet tips and pipettes
Filter papers, syringe filters
Rapid tests, pH tests
Cell culture reagents
Gloves and safety
Consumables for (q)PCR
Consumables for cell culture and ELISA
Consumables for chromatography
Consumables for sample storage and transportation
Small instruments
Other products from different suppliers - let us know!


Since 2006, Upstream has been a partner in procurement of laboratory supplies and daily consumables to diagnostic and research laboratories, biotechnology companies, healthcare institutions and industrial laboratories. We wish to contribute to the development of our customers' research, work efficiency and innovation.

We value long-term cooperation and trustful relationships with our customers and believe that this is a sign of quality service. We encourage new customers to work together with us to create the best solutions.